Why is it Gofer?

The taxi booking industry has been heavily modified with sharing economy concepts and they are implemented by leading taxi booking companies like Uber, Lyft, Grab, Careem, Ola and many more. Innovation along with technology are the reasons for their great success. There are still many places that need this service and a lot of opportunities for investors who want to start a business in the taxi booking industry. Uber clone is a market-launching Uber-like taxi booking app with full core features for you to start a profitable business.

Uber’s clone is a standout amongst the well-suited to the ride-hailing business. With the latest technologies, Gofer facilitates the taxi business without any hassle. Our uber clone is available in both Android and iOS apps to enhance your business to a wider audience. Our app comes with a well-designed seamless interface for both customers and drivers.

Gofer How Does Makent Work?

Why Choose Us

Free installation

After completing the purchase, we install our source code to your server for free. We will do it as soon as possible.

Support uploading the App

We support you to put the App on the App Store with iOS and CH Play with Android in the most complete way.

Free Support

We strive to create products not having any error. In case of any errors, we will support you free of charge during the support period mentioned in the purchased package.

Support all the time

We are always ready to assist you on all communication channels. All-time support, including technical and non-technical support.

Handing over 100% Source code

We will hand over the Source Code to you and you have 100% right to edit and change it to suit your requirements.

Compatible with iOS & Android

We have made all the features of the app suitable for all devices on both iOS and Android operating systems.

Support when the application is rejected

We always support you even after the purchase is complete. We will assist if any rejection occurs after application submission and we tend to develop a better app that will be accepted.

Free technical support

Our team of experts will assist you to register an account on any 3rd party website like SMS Gateway, Payment Gateway, Server, etc...

Label by yourself

In the admin panel you can remove our name and Logo from all visible and replace it with your name and Logo this helps to build your brand.

Gofer Standard Features(Uber Clone)

Quick car booking

Trip history

Manage driver information

Cancel selection

Find the exact location

Calculate exact position

Income report

Know the cost in advance

Wide range of services

Round Clock service

100% customizable

24/7 support

Technologies Used In Gofer

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Operating System – Linux
  • Web Server  – Apache
  • Database – MySQL
  • PHP – 7,3
  • Ability to set up Cron Jobs

Yes, our Uber Clone adapts itself to small, medium and large sized handy service companies. Uber Clone needs the fewest instructions to work. It is a ready-to-use software suitable for all kinds of handy services. To keep the software user-friendly and affordable is one of our top goals

Our Uber Clone has multiple revenue generating models, however, the most important revenue source for our Uber Maid Service script is the commission model. Like Uber, administrators can charge service fees from users and providers.

You will be assisted by our staff by providing full details regarding the payments. Once you understand the payment procedures, you will receive a Paypal invoice or Bank details for the transfer. You can pay using these two methods as per your convenience.

Basically, we have a team of efficient and responsible professionals who ensure that quality is not compromised. Our Quality Assurance (QA) team ensures that no glitches or risk of glitches in the app will be built.

We are here to create an application for your business according to your requirements. So as a professional company, we will never recommend/recommend your ideas to others. Sure, it will be kept secret

Oh, we’ve worked with many non-technical clients in the past and we helped them through their app development. You can certainly share your ideas and suggestions or ask any questions to our support team, they will guide you as well as suggest the best approach for optimal results.

Sure, as mentioned in our website, we will handle the application submission for the Enterprise plan.

We appoint a project lead who will coordinate with the client throughout the project and share weekly corresponding updates.

For Android developer account, it will cost you $25/year For Apple developer account it will cost you $99/year

Please contact us for clarification by any of the communication methods or leave us a message at contact.aneed@gmail.com